When you have to stand strong for your spouse

The storm looms big. Waiting to take him over. His mother has passed away. With her death comes an unexpected cost that overwhelms the soul and threatens to break him into. He's worried and full of anxiety. He's wondering how this bill will be paid. I Talk on the phone with our benevolence  ministry at church. They have said they will pay $500.oo towards the bill. They took up a collection at his job while he was away for the funeral. They wanted to help pay towards the funeral. They collected $140.00. God is faithful I tell him. He's walking towards a pit and has climbed down in. He's hanging on the side with white knuckled hands grasping to loosened dirt. I tell him he has to fight for joy. One can only win this type of battle when you fight for joy. He says he's too tired to fight. I tell him to fight on his knees. Keep his own gratitude journal. It's the only way to stay out of the pit really. By learning to give thanks in all circumstances and to live the Eucharistic life is to gain pure God filling joy. I find him a notebook for him to begin scrawling out his own messy list of crazy joy as Ann puts it. I tell him as she says "You must use a pen an wield it as a sword." I tell him the enemy is winning. He says nothing. In the morning he gets ready for work. I lay notebook in the dim lit kitchen. He asks when he is supposed to write in this. I tell him when he begins to worry, when he is fearful and afraid. When he is tempted to think that $8,ooo dollars is bigger than his Heavenly Father. When he thinks he is going to crack big and long and fall hard. He takes the notebook to work with him. He leans down to give good- bye kisses soft on my lips. I walk him to the door and see him out.
I to must continue to give thanks for the hard Eucharisteo's . I can't and won't give up fighting for joy.

Oh Father, I know he is so worried to death about how this bill will get paid. I don't know why things have unfolded as they have. If she had only hung on 6 more weeks. Her life insurance would be paying this bill instead of us. 6 weeks! Would you help us in our unbelief? Would you teach us in this time? Would you help us to seek you with our whole hearts, down on our faces? Give my husband the power, Holy Spirit to fight or joy in the hard Eucharisteo. don't let him give up. Continue to grow his faith by leaps and bounds. I love him so much and don't want to see him become a pit dweller. Daddy, please raise him up on eagles wings so that he will soar, so that he will walk and not grow faint. In the mighty most Holy name of Jesus I pray, amen.

If you feel led by God to give please be obedient to his calling . We ask for your help. You can send a donation to

                         Malone Funeral Home
                           325 Malone Lane
                          Grayson, Ky 41143

Tell them you would like to make a donation towards Youvannah Blevins funeral expenses.
Thank you kind friend for your love gift. My humblest thanks to you.
~ Lori

Giving thanks for the hard and in the hard eucharisteo.

5,005. His Mom's passing.
5,006. us finding out she was receiving only palliative care.
5,007. Her keeping us in the dark.
5,008. Us having been made responsible for her funeral expenses.
5,009. The Father putting us in the fire to give us a glimpse of just how BIG he is.
5,010. The ugly fallout.
5,011. The humbling of asking for help.



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