Meet Lori

Hello dearest friends!
   It's so nice of you to drop by! So very nice to meet each one of you! On this page I'll share with you who I am, and who I follow! I'm a fairly new blogger, Blogging unto Jesus. I'm thrilled to have this little quiet space where he and I can meet together. This is where I come to spill my mess and he comes to teach me, reveal himself to me and comforts my heart. It's my desert time. You will notice my comments are turned off as I have said before I blog for an audience of one!

I have been married for 20 years to my darling sweet hubby who is continuing to learn and  grow in his faith as I am. We grow together!  We have one child whom I refer to as good and perfect gift on this blog. He has been fashioned perfectly by the Masters hands and has  AD/HD, O.C.D, and sensory integration disorder. All of which can make for some very challenging parenting moments. Yes , I fail most days. But God's Grace is far greater than my failures.  I have to apologize alot to him. He's learnig the Father's forgiveness and I'm learning the Father's unconditional love through raising and parenting this precious little one of his. I'm a homeschooling Mom to this sweet boy. We also have had a little girl whom I refer to as our little joy girl. She is just full of smiles and sweet noises right now.

I'm a past pit dweller and was very angry at God for a long time because my life has been filled with behavior charts at home and at school. Having to leave playdates, leaving social arenas with a child who has to be carried away kicking and screaming. The embarrasment and judgement that comes with all of this. O.T. appointments, unpleasant meal times, meltdowns at home and at public places. You name it we have experienced  it!
Through all of this God has rescued me and I'm a free woman! He set my feet back on solid ground, through starting my own crazy gift list. Through Ann Voskamp's 1,000 gifts. God has showed me that all of this beautiful mess is really his grace gifts to me to strengthen me as a follower of him. He is using this to help me look more and more like Jesus! This is how he has pruned me and grew my faith and dependance on him!

The following is a list of what I believe.
 I Believe in Jesus as the Savior of the world. The one who left the splendor  and glory of heaven and came down as tiny babe to dwell with us, to rescue us.
I Believe  in the God of heaven who fashioned the stars, fashioned man out of clay and breathed life into his flesh.
I Believe that each person can be indwelt by God through the Holy Spirit when one has been saved by grace through faith in the Son of God our rescuer.
I Believe in one baptism as a symbol to the world that you belong to Jesus.
I Believe  that Jesus was was crucified , he died, and was buried. I Believe he rose on the third day and later he ascended to the Father's right hand keeping the promise to come back and get those who have placed their trust in him.
I Believe in a place called hell where those who have never placed their trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins will be placed as eternal judgement from God.
I Believe that God wants every mans soul to be saved He does not want anyone to perish.
I Believe that the Bible is the infallible, inspired word of God. I Believe every word of it to be true. I Believe it is living and active and more than capable of changing a person's life completely.

My prayer is that through my journey of wild grace and messy moments that God would somehow use these mundane moments and use me for his glory.
Blogging unto Jesus~

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