The Grace Filled Waiting Room

It is the same schedule for us every Tuesday at the same time. We head out into the city for good and perfect gift's O.T. appointment. He really enjoys going there. His O.T. is just a wonderful young Lady who has a passion to helping these Gifts Of Grace. Good and perfect gift has made friends with a little boy there. We live to far apart for them to schedule playdates together. Good and perfect gift always looks in the parking lot to see if the Grandfather's truck is there. When He sees it He smiles with delight, He knows He will get to have some play time with new friend! We go upto the glass door and good and perfect gift pulls with all His might to open this heavy door. "Wonderful Job"!, I tell Him as He pulls it all the way open. I tell Him too of how His muscles are looking just like His Daddy's and if He keeps this up His muscles will be bigger than His Daddy's someday. He smiles a young giddy smile.


   As we enter we see the Grandfather of new friend. We greet Him as we do every week. We have been enjoying a little conversation with Him as we have close to the same appointment. Grandson sees the same O.T. as Good and Perfect Gift does. We exchange smiles,


talk about the weather changing, Ask if new friend has had a good week. Talk about parenting the good and the bads. He tells me of how He and His Wife also made the decision to hold their now Grown Son back and how it was the best thing they had  ever done for Him. This too is confirmation for me. We made that same choice for Good and Perfect Gift. New friend comes out of Therapy play room and joins Good and Perfect Gift. They too exchange greetings and begin to do what they do every week they begin to build a long Lemo type car with the bench seat in the back and with all the little blue chairs in a single line. They hop in and begin telling each other about going to the jungle and what kind of animals they will be looking for.


As Good and Perfect gift's O.T. comes out and greets Him, it is time for new friend and Grandfather to leave and carry on through their day. We say our good-byes and they leave.
  As I sit in the waiting room more parents and children come. Some parents stay and some drop off and leave once their child is called to begin their session of therapy. The parents that decide to stay take their seats and begin texting or talking on their phones. Some read magazines, others may strike up a conversation with another. Still others just sit and look at the floor, hoping not to make eye contact with anyone else, checking their watch from time to time.
As I look at this waiting room and the children that have passed through, It comes to mind just how much Grace, has just passed in front of my eyes. There is the tall one who loves to shut doors that someone who has
walked through has Forgotten He is somewhat aggressive and has a very hard time complying with His O.T.. There is little guy, who has an artificial leg. There is the hyper ones, These I know all to well because they remind me so much of good and perfect gift. I can usually tell which children have AD/HD because of my own experience. I can't believe how God has just revealed to me this picture of now. This picture of his Grace that has filled this waiting room. Do these parents know this Grace? Do they know how much of a gift they have been given in their child? Do they see these gifts as curses instead? I want to scream this out This is a wonderful picture of Grace ! I would not change my good and Perfect Gift for anything in the world. What if I could? Would I end up taking away the very thing that would identify him as a follower of Christ? Would I take away the very thing God would use in His life to lead someone else to himself? What if all this Grace was the thing God would use in Him to lead His Family, His future may depend on these very gifts.
Parents, I implore you today,if you have children who have special needs, Please see them as The Good and Perfect Gift from above that they are  and not a curse. God meant to knit them together in your womb as perfectly as he did, giving them all the little quircks that they have to be the people he intends them to be. Don't wish to change them. Ask for His wisdom in leading them and guiding them in His way. He is the best parent of all. He knows what it is like to have children with disabilities, strong wills ( The Children of Israel). He has dealt with every type of child and can be ever so faithful in showing you the best way to parent your own child.

Father, Mighty One Of Israel, thank you for every thing you have knitted my Good and Perfect Gift with. bless me with the wisdom that I need to parent him in Your way and not my messy own way. Help me to gently lead and guide him as you do with me. Help me not to force him to do anything but help me to lead  and guide him into obedience. I love you Father! Thank you for being my wonderful Daddy! In The mighty name of Jesus I pray Amen.

 This is a repost that I needed to hear once more. I hope you enjoy it as well.


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