A Holy, Birthday Shopping . Lesson Well Learned

My sweet hubby's birthday is coming up. I took my good and perfect gift with me to go birthday shopping for his Daddy's birthday. We ended up buying some really nice shirts for his Daddy that would show off his crisp blue eyes.

 His Daddy is one you must realize, never buys anything for himself. The item will have to be completely worn out in order for him to buy another. For his Daddy to just go out and buy new shirts would be a foreign thing to him. I was doing pretty good. I headed right passed all of the women's rows of pretty clothing that were tempting me to come have a look- see. I found the Men's clothing isle. Looked through the shirts, found some really nice ones on sale. "He would be so proud of me," I said to myself.
 Sweet Hubby is quite a bargain shopper. God created him to be very frugal. I have always admired this quality about him.
    I headed on to find just the right card, a gift bag and tissue paper. Then I found a matching bow to tie the handles of the bag with. Done deal, I was on my way to check out, I turned my cart around to go to the check out isle. It did not occur to me that I should have planned for an escape route. I went back the way I came. Looking at the same pretty things that had beckoned me earlier. I fell prey to the purses. 

It is the end of the year and they have all their purses on sale. The one I had been carrying was really to small for my day planner, my purse pockets were always open for the world to see. I decided that I needed another. I tend to keep my purses. Couldn't I have just gone back home and got in my closet,blow off the dust bunnies that would be inhabiting my old purses and use one of them? I mean after all sweet hubby and I are trying to get our finances back in order! That is what Dave Ramsey would have told me to do. "Live like no one else, so later you can Live like no one else."


 I could not and did not resist the temptation. First of all because I did not pray for God to help me overcome this temptation. That was my first mistake. Prayer is so important why had I neglected?
Sin abounds when their is lack of prayer! The next few moments were really a test that I failed completely. I picked this sale purse up began looking at it, Checking it out, looking to see if it could hold all my belongings. God began speaking to me through my good and perfect gift. " Are you buying another purse?" I answered with a yes. " But Mommy you have many purses at home, Why do you need another one?". The next part really churnes in my stomanch when I sit and ponder on what I did. I began to justify my reasons as to why I needed a new purse. Not only did I not need a new purse. I was going against my sweet hubby. We have planned in our budget money that each of us get to spend on ourselves. Mine had already burnt a whole in my pocket and I had already made my monthly purchase of a Strong's Concordnance to help me study deeper into God's word.

Mistake number 2, I had not spent time with the Lord today. Had I done so, He more than likely would have brought me to the verse "Wives submit to your hubands as to the Lord." (me paraphrasing here). That verse would have been seared into my memory and would have came to the forefront when faced with this temptation. After my despicable acts of justifying my sin. I plopped the purse in the cart. The next words out of my good and perfect gift's mouth were words that burned in my heart for the rest of the day and still does now. " I think you just wanted more purses!" I just wanted to pull a Jonah! Was there anywhere I could hide? I had deliberately sinned! Was there a great fish waiting for me in the parking lot?

 On my way home, I confessed  my sin. I repented of my sin. I asked and received God's forgiveness.


 I have thought about what I needed to do with the purse. Should I take it back or should I keep it? I decided to keep it as a  memorial. As a lesson that I learned. One that will never be forgotten. I know God has already forgotten. He will never throw back my sin in my face. Sometimes we just need a visual reminder of never returning to sin we have turned from.

Holy Father, How gracious you are to forgive our sins, especially when we sin deliberately against you, justifying it all the way. I praise you for your beautiful Grace that forgives sin after sin.  Would you cause me to overcome in this area of my life? " I will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony". Prasie you for your love and for your grace. I worship you and adore you Lord! In the mighty, most precious name of Jesus I pray amen!


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