A Time To Laugh

She has not laughed like this in years. She is a Mother of three. A Wife of only one Husband. A Farmer's Wife.   A Preacher's Daughter, and she has lots of health issues. Just to list a few. Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy from the M.S.. A fatty liver with 40% damage done to it by all the medications she has been on for the last 25 years. She deals with depression. All of this can make a person's heart sink deep into despair.
    My beautiful Mother has been delt alot of suffering in the latter years of her life. She is a Lady who loves Jesus. She will testify on his behalf on any given day. Sh has walked down a long, winding, road of unknowns and has come through each one with her Faith still intact and solid. But this one thing I have noticed of her, she has not laughed in many years. The contagiousness of her laughter has not been heard in my eardrums in many years. I had began to wonder if she would ever laugh again.
I took my good and perfect gift to my hometown over the weekend, while sweet Hubby laid down our wood flooring. My older sister and my niece had went for a visit too. It was so nice to have the three generations of family in one room together. We talked about many things. Food, politics, schooling for the children, what our husbands were doing. The children my family sponsors through World Vision,  The Aged One Who Weathered The Big Storm ,The children enjoyed playing together with a variety of toys. My good and perfect gift always loves dumping the yellow bucket of toys that they have for him. He always discovers a new treasure every time. Its fun to see what toy he will gravitiate to this time around.
My good and perfect gift is getting really good at board games and one he wanted to take with him was Candyland. A Game that we all could play along side him with.
As we continued our talking and visiting we had began to talk of the funny things in life. The way we talk and how we verbalize words that are very far from the way we were taught. Our english is like another language that once you live in a certain town that everyone speaks. It is really hard to break once you move away. This began to get my mother laughing so hard she could not stop. She held her side at one point and said she was hurting she was laughing so hard! How it must have felt so good to my Mother's weary body to laugh like this. It must have filled her heart with such a happiness. Her health meter must have gone up a few notches! The sound of her laughter rang in my ears and in my body. It made my health meter go up several notches to hear her contagious laughter ring out as if it were the bells that little country churches ring on a Sunday morning. Here she is with her health as bad as it is. And She is laughing out loud! What good medicine this is for all of us.


   Laughter comes straight from the Father. How he must laugh. he must hav a contagious laughter as well. I imagine Jesus laughed alot at his disciples as they told of the miracles that he performed in front of them. I imagine Jesus laughed when he held his little ones and played with the children that he always made time for. I imagine his own laughter as a child and him allowing laughter to riddle his body silly from head to toes.

   Can we find laughter like this even when things seem dreary? My Mother finally did. Can we allow ourselves to be riddled silly from head to toe in the midst of the storm?
Dear friends I pray that you too can find laughter in your storm and would you allow your self to be riddled by it to very depths of your soul?

Father, you are always good and I am alays loved. Thank you for laughter thank you for moments with my family that brought about the contagious laughter of my mother. Thank you for making  her laugh again. How I pray you would give her many more moments of laughter for the rest of her life. All is grace because of you and you alone, I love you Lord! in Jesus name I pray~ Amen.


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