Watching The Aged One Weather The Big Storm

It has been 3 months since He ascended to His new home. We watched Him wither away as the flowers and grass do at the end of every summer, bowing,  bending and dying to their Creator.


 She is left to go through clothes, empty out closets, pack things up and give them away, call their monthly billings and tell them of the news, change Her bank account information, her billing address. She has
lost the love of this life to a rare cancer that would not be stopped. Could God not heal it? Was it to powerful for even Him? No! We had prayed for healing. It came and all the scans were clear for a couple more years. We praised our good Healer for giving us more time with Him. We had just gotten to know them from Church.

It had all started as greeting each other weekly, quickly turned into Saturday afternoon dinners. We would take turns hosting one another. Loving them, them loving us. A family relationship began to occur. They had began calling themselves; PawPaw and MawMaw to our good and perfect gift. We had began sitting beside them during our worship hour instead of behind them. We would always hold hands as the Pastor prayed for the Congregation before dismissing us to the week ahead. We went on outings with them. They came to celebrate good and perfect gift's birthday many years in a row. What wonderful memories we have with these two people of great faith.

He knew when the cancer came back that God would tell him it was time to go this time. No more lingering. I too want you to come home and be with me! They began the hard planning of the end of life. Funeral plans, picking out a casket, a suit to wear. The songs he wanted played.


I watched what took place in Her. The strength of the Mighty one was beaming right through Her. Yes there were tears and grief. There was much sadness. The night of His funeral, Her Strength was magnified. She brought each loved one to His casket and made boasts of what a faithfilled man He was and His great love for His Savior. She made boasts of how He was so good to Her and how much He loved Her.

She brought us to Him when she heard that we were there. He had lost so much weight. I can only remember Him as He was when we first came to know them. It hurts deep within to remember Him the  way he was the last time I saw him in the Hosparus unit. He did not know we were there. Keeping Him comfortable was the priority. I kissed Him on the cheek and told Him, I would see Him soon. His body now takes its temporary place in the cemetery underneath cold dark earth, awaiting to be resurrected into an imperishable body. One that will never fade away.

She now goes to grief share. A place where she is finding healing among other faith people who are weathering the same storm. I'm so amazed to talk to her on the phone. She is weathering this storm well. She tells me of how She has been with the Lord  spending time in His word and prayer and how He is helping her to walk this battered road.


 She tells me of people that He sends to her for her to minister to. She tells me of people He sends her way to help her fix the broken things that seem to always happen when the Leader of the home takes His heavenly flight home.
She says, "She has weepy days but that she does not stay there." She says, "I pray them away." She grows increasingly stronger every day since He went Home. He would be so proud of Her for leaning on Her Master so much!


Well done good and faithful servant!! I hope I get to be present at your moment when the King Of Kings crowns you with the Crown Of  Righteousness.

Mighty One of Israel, Thank you for the witnessing and the testimony of this faith person in my life. I have taken lots of notes, May you fill me with this same strength the next time I am called to weather a storm. I praise you Holy One for your great care and love for this faith person. Continue to lavish your Grace on Her and through Her. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray Amen.


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