When all of life screams to go forward, But God says stay.

This past year I had to fight for my good and perfect gift that comes from above. I had to fight with His Daddy, His teachers,  and his school coordinator. All of them said he needed to go onto the next grade but I knew from what God spoke into my heart, that he was to stay behind. I had the confidence that Christ gives when you are walking in His will. I had the peace that passes all understanding. God says that when you pray for wisdom, He will give it to us abundantly!! I prayed for wisdom about this choice and then walked forward after I knew what the answer was. But the discussions I had to have with everyone who opposed this wisdom were so draining to my spirit and to my emotions. I kept reminding myself, "If God is for me then who can be against me.?" I'm going with God on this! I also had to fight his Daddy on putting him on meds. Talk about fighting battles on two fronts! Our relationship was under much stress but God in His beautiful Grace kept us from buckling under all this pressure and we have managed to come out on the other side being able to breathe. We have some battle scars and bruises. We are working all of this out in counseling. There is lots to be said about Fighting your battle when everyone around you is "The enemy". But As I look at the people during the Exodous of Moses' time. God's prescence was manifested in many ways. One of the beautiful ways his prescence was revealed to these people like me was a pillar of cloud. Oh, can you just imagine what this pillar of cloud must have looked like!

 God told the wanderers "When the cloud moves you move with me, when the cloud stays you stay with me." Don't move unless the cloud goes with you. He did not want them leaving His hand of protection nor His mighty prescence. He wanted to protect them from the hot rays of the sun. He wanted to protect them from  any enemy that might be going through the desert.  He knew the way to the land of promise and if they wanted to meet that goal then they best go with the one who knew how to get there!  They had no idea where this milk and honey land was flowing at. He wanted to be their provider of every grace they could ever ask for! The only stipulation was to move when the cloud moved. That meant they had to be paying attention to this cloud, watching it every moment because He did not warn them that it was moving, He expected them to keep their wandering eyes on Him at all times. Can you imagine how this must have looked in their eyes. They would no longer stop for a moment and think they were to unload camp , then the cloud would begin to move again. These weary travelers would have to keep going. They would have to rely on this God in cloud pillar, to sustain them, to provide nourishment for them, to keep their clothes from wearing out and to keep them from becoming sun scorched. All the while obeying His very simple command." Move when the cloud moves" It is best, I have found to move when the cloud moves. To move on other wise, even when the enemy of our souls tells us to move forward is a dangerous journey. We could become very scorched by the heat if we are not under the loving protection of the cloud.
In the Grip of his Grace, Lori

Great and mighty is your name Yaweh! You have caused me to be under the protection of the cloud. Thank you, that you have protected me from the heat,
from being burned by my enemy. This has been a really tough journey and I'm thrilled that I have you to guide me when it is easy and when it is long and hard. I praise you for the wonderful Man you have given to me in marriage, even when he fights against me. I still know he loves me deeply as Christ loves his beautifully dressed bride. I praise you for evey battle that was fought with every person. You made me strong and kept me armed so I would not be broken. Thank you for every minute grace, every second grace, every hour grace, grace that spills beautifully, grace that bleeds and cries out to the only one that can save! It is in the mighty, most holy and beutiful name of Jesus I pray, Amen


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