When God parents you through parenting your child

It Came to me one day when my good and perfect gift from above had began to have one of his typical hour long meltdowns, that God was showing me something about myself. It becamse so very clear in that moment that I too have meltdowns, spiritual ones. Can anyone relate?
   I had told my gift that he would not be able to play with one of the children that lived down the street from us because this child had treated my good and perfect gift in a terrible manner the last time they played. Mom's usually know best when it comes to these kinds of things. But to his ears all he heard was that "He would never be able to be this little boys' friend" To some extent when they are so small you must protect them from people who want to hurt them either physically or  emotionally. I knew it would be the best for him but still he questioned, argued, tried to give his reasoning as to why it should not be this way. This was such a hard decision for me to make as a Mom. My heart broke because I just coud not get him to understand that we don't engage ourselves into relationships with people that hurt us. I just wanted to cry along with him. That is when it hit me! This must be how God feels when he makes a decision for us that is completely out of our hands and we have no control over. He tells us I know what is best for you. I'm sorry you can't do this or have this your way. I'm your Father and it's my responsibility to protect you from some hurt down the road. How amazing he is to gently lead those who  have young and to parent us through all that we go through with our children. How I praise you Lord for your parenting skills.
       Oh Father, How I pray that you would call forth to my memory this day when you make a wise life choice for me. Help me to see it as a Grace and a Gift and not a curse. Cause me not not have a spiritual meltdown and question you in your wisdom for my life. In Jesus' holy and perfect name, Amen.


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