The Victory Of God On Christmas

he plans that sweet Hubby and myself had for our family celebrating the Holy Babe  differed very much this year. This was the first time we were celebrating Christmas on a Sunday. We had discussed  what this day would look like for our family. He really wanted to stay home, read scripture, hang our last Jesse Tree ornament, open gifts, eat dinner and have birthday cake for Jesus' birthday. A quiet  day he  says. He really did not want to attend church at all. I was sad in my spirit. I wanted nothing more than to be in His house of worship on his birthday celebrating his coming to us to rescue us, Rescue Me!I have room for you in my inn! These words I wanted to scream! In not attending I would feel like I would be turning Him away just like so many people did long ago. I was heartsick, spiritsick, I hear His still small voice tell me to be quiet, to fast and to pray. I humbled myself and obeyed.  After dinner that night I went to our bedroom, on my knees, eyes all brimming with warm wet water flowing down. I asked for a heart change. I asked for a miracle. God, please see to it that our family would be able to be in Church on your sweet babe's birthday. You have done so much in my life. I'm so grateful and have much to be thankful for. I want to give you the gift of myself this  Christmas morning! I have room for you! Lots of it! Change his heart God. He has been redeemed. Open his heart and help him to find room for you in his inn on Christmas. I will fast and pray. I really need you to give me a quiet mouth. My default is to argue my point. I know this is not the way, your way. You are gentle and meek and mild not forceful. Help me to be like you. In the mighty name of Yaweh I pray amen. I went through the next few days still spirit sick. Wanting so badly to open my mouth loud and confront what must be going on in his heart and why is it that you are not wanting to lead us to his house? Oh how gentle the Holy Spirit is! His nudges are so soft and comforting. He quietly tells me "be still". I listen, wait with anticipation, watch to see him work a miracle for our family. Christmas Eve comes. We discuss some more what tomorrow will look like. He again states what he would like. He asks for my thoughts. An invitation to inititate my thoughts. I have only few words to speak. I tell him that I have never agreed to staying home. I speak my heart. I want to be in his house. It's His birthday and it's about His coming to us. It's not about opening gifts. It's about opening the gift of Him. Having room in the inn for him. I'm silent. He's silent. He turns, walks away. I want to again open my mouth and make all ugly this conversation between us. The spirit nudges me gently again. "Be still". I obey. I watch, wait for his miracle. Christmas morning comes I can almost hear the angel choir singing for him as he emerges from the dark of his mother's womb. I'm excited to celebrate along with them! i can almost hear how relieved Mary is, her  tired sigh of bringing God in man's skin into the world. How her aching arms can now hold the King of Kings! She can now kiss the tiny face of Immanuel, knowing God is now with us! Oh the  giddy joy that my heart holds at this moment. I wake sweet hubby so he can get his shower. He comes out and we converse. "O.k. if we do go to church, how will this morning look?" My heart wants desperately leap out of my body! We think through how things will look. Yes!! I want to shout Eucharisteo! Eucharisteo! It really does precede the miracle! God had victory once again! He had dealt with the heart of sweet hubby! He made a way for this family to be in his house this morning! Oh How I want to rejoice with all that I have! My spirit is no longer sick but has been made whole by the Holy Babe who came for this very reason, to rescue.

Together we go and wake good and perfect gift. We have our traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I hang our Happy Birthday Jesus banner.


We sing to the New Born King! We read our last day of our Jesse Tree Devotional and hang our last ornament. We go into the living room and open gifts. This is what I see when I enter into my living room.

Just in case you might not be able to make it out it says Eucharisteo. I shout it in my spirit! This is a reminder or me . I need this word to stay in the forefront of my mind. After we open gifts. We get ready for church. Ready ourselves to worship the Christ Child! The Rescuer! We step outside the house to get into our vehicle. It has been heated up and the hard frost is melting and all I see is water droplets all over that is radisting with His glory. They make it hard to look at because they are so bright!
Melted here is the heart of my hubby. God came to his heart to melt away the resistance and give him an invitation to open up his Inn and receive the New Born King. Even the trees seem to be full of worship today. The sky is crisp blue.
The tree branches seem to stretching ther braches higher than normal today. The sun seems to be the brightest that I have seen this year. It blionds the eyes. I have to turn away from the camera and pray that God would give me a clear shot.
We pull into the parking lot of our church home and I'm all giddy inside to worship the babe! I stop, pause to tell sweet hubby Thank You for taking our family to church this morning. It means so much to me to worship the sweet babe on his birthday in my inn. He smiles. I give God all praise and glory for the victory he has had today. We enter and we worship at the inn on Christmas.
Father, please let me never forget the importance of moving myslef out of your way to do your migty work. Thank you for helping me to be quiet,to let you do what you do best. Miracles! Not just on Christmas but today too! Thank you for the Christ Child and for the inn that had room for him this morning.                                                                                
                 Unwrapping more of HIS grace gifts:
1,579. Worshipping the New Born King on His birthday at church.
1,580. The compliment from an unknown lady at church this morning about my son's behavior at a playdate.
1,581. Good and perfect gift practicing forgiveness when I'm not around. 
1,582. Being able to give  God the gift of me on His Babe's birthday.   
1,583. How the bright yellow orb in the sky shines so brilliantly through melted ice droplets that it nearly blinds.
1,584. Seeing the naked trees of winter seemingly to worship with their branches reaching upward on Christmas. The sky through these trees just so blue today!
1,585. How bright the yellow orb shone on Christmas. It too worshipping!
1,586. Celebrating Jesus' birthday with family and friends.
1,587. Buying gifts for Jesus.
1,588. Waking good and perfect Gift up together as husband and wife.
1,589. The purple icing that Walmart chose to put on the birthday cake. He is royality you know!
1,590. Taking pictures in front of the Christmas Tree with sweet hubby and good and perfect gift.
1,591.  The beauty of all the flickering flames around the pulpit at church this morning. Just beckoning you to come and worship the Christ Child.
1,592.  Not forgetting Christmas.
1,593.  Getting a gift, beautiful Christmas ornament from one of the children we teach at church.
1,594. The roads bare with cars on his birthday. * Hard Eucharisteo, They should be full of poeple going to worship Him at their inn!
1,595.Cooking for my family on Christmas.
1,596. Having a meal on Christmas knowing there is those who will not. * Hard Eucharisteo
1,597. Being called the faithful, the few, the marines of God's army at Church.
1,598. Not a whole lot of people at church this morning, *Hard Eucharisteo, How this must break your heart Father!
1,599. Seeing two special people at church this morning who prayed over me and my family while I was in the pit.
1,600. Having to discipline my good and perfect gift on Christmas Day. *Hard Eucharisteo
1,601.My pretty jewlery sweet hubby got me!
1,602. The look in good and perfect's gifts eyes when he is excited!
1,603. Reading lamplighter books, building Godly character into good and perfect gift!
1,604. Lamplighter books for building God's character into good and perfect gift., I just love these!
1,605. Making a Habby Birthday Banner for Jesus!
1,606. Having friends over for birthday cake.
1,607. Having the same friends pray over your family for God to work a miralce on Christmas.



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