A Diagnosis and A Surprise!

fter to much waiting, My husband called to see if he could find out something about his colonoscopy/endoscopy results. It has been close to the three week mark and he has an appt. with the dr. this week for her to tell him. I remember her words clearly , if it is cancer, you will hear from me immediately but if not you will receive a letter in the mail.


  Waiting, waiting,waiting, patiently waiting some more. We have been in God's waiting room before and know the wait can be long. After not hearing anything I began to think there must be no cancer or we would have heard something immediately. Days slipped by no letter, no phone calls.


I began breathing easier, tension letting go of my body. Sweet hubby comes home and tells me on the eve of his Drs. appt. that he called the office to see if he could get someone to tell him his results over the phone. To his delight a nurse explained his results to him . How grateful we are for him to be CANCER FREE!! How I praise you Lord for your favor on our family and on my sweet hubby. This wonderful story does not stop here it has even a more praiseworthy ending to the God of all glory!


I had been feeling very fatigued over the past 3 weeks. I had not been able to keep my eyes open. I would sit down and within minutes I would be out like a light. I found myself napping quite alot while good and perfect gift played quietly in the floor. My appetite began to change, I felt as if I could not get enough to eat. My blood sugar would drop and I felt as if I would drop if I did not eat something right away. Other symptoms arose, a familiar soreness, a missed week. I had mentioned to my sweet hubby that I was going to give it another week before I went and made a purchase. My body does crazy things and I have missed many times before and always had that dreadful visitor come. I waited and still nothing. So I went that evening and made my purchase. I was not about to wait until the morning since it said on the box I did not have to. I went straight to the bathroom, and pulled the contents out of the box proceeded with the test. I waited for the 60 seconds and dared myself to look. This is what I saw;
I could not believe my eyes!! We have only been trying for 3 years to see this come into fruition. My O.B. was wanting me to have a DNC done to clean me out. I have really bad endometriosis and have had an ovary removed with a scarred up fallopian tube that was attached to my bowels and removed during the surgery of removing my ovary. I was told that I would never bare children. I looked squarely at the Doctor and said "You Don't know God do you"? It made him uncomfortable but I knew God can do anything! He did! Shortly after this good and perfect gift was born!  Above all God knows when the right time is. He knew with all that I have been walking through I was not quite ready. He needed to prune and prune some more until the heart ground was fertile and ready to mother another child. I called sweet hubby immediately and told him the wonderful news. Even though I had mentioned to him that I thought it was possible, he still was in complete shock! He can't wait to have another child. He is so excited! We decided to wait until he arrived home so we could tell good and perfect gift together. Once home we sat down on the couch with good and perfect gift. I had made a card with baby toes on it. 
This card had the pregnancy test inside. I handed it to good and perfect gift telling him that Mommy and Daddy had something to tell him. He opened up the card and asked what the odd object was. I told him it was a pregnancy test and it said that Mommy is going to have a baby!! 
He looked at me then at me stomach, then at me again. "Oh Mommy" ! he said. "I can't believe that you are really going to have a baby"!,   "I'm really goinf to get to be a big brother"!!  I must tell you about what has led upto this wonderful news. My sweet hubby and I had prayed a few times for a child but after a while we had changed our prayers to If it is your will then you will allow it if not then we will be content. My good and perfect gift on the other hand perservered in his prayers. He would say Mommy, I realy want a little brother or a little sister. I had told him about the story of Hannah and I would encourage him to continue to pray like Hannah did. so that's what he would do! He kept praying even when my husband and I were not. I find it absolutely delightful that even the smallest of us can come to throne of God and make our requests known to Him and he will answer these little ones' prayers. God sees us, God hears us, God answers us! I praise you Lord for the wonderful miracle that is growing inside me right now. I pray for protection of this child and I pray for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Thank you that you have seen me fit to mother another child.I just praise you for your love for me and my family! To the God of all glory forever and forever and forever.    



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