109 Kisses

t was my turn to have the last precious  minutes of the day with good and perfect gift. He had been bathed and read to and prayed with. It was time for him to go onto his room and settle under warm blankets. We have what he likes to call special words that we tell him every night before he goes onto sleep . We tell him that God loves him very much. We tell him that Jesus loves him very much! We tell him that the Holy Spirit loves him and leads and guides him daily. We tell him that God has a very special plan for his sweet little life! We tell him that Mommy and Daddy loves him very much!  We always say goodnight to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We tell them  that we love them too and we blow kisses heavenward.We have spoken these words over him every night since before he was even able to speak. They have become his special God love words that he needs to hear every night before he slumbers. On this particular night I stayed until I had told him all his special God love words. I climbed up to his top bunk and gave him the final hug and kiss before I turned in.

His last statement of the night was, I'm going to give you 109 kisses. I leaned in and he began the frenzy of kisses they were met with silliness and fun and all smiles. I enjoyed everyone of them, silliness and all. I felt as if God himself gave me those 109 kisses. I will look forward to more kisses like those in the future. There is nothing like your child smothering you in their kisses. How I pray that more kisses like these would come soon. Father , How I praise you for these 109 kisses. Thank you for lavishing your love on me through my good and perfect gift. I love you Daddy, your daughter~ Lori

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