When Hard Phone Calls Come And Keep Coming

It came on your ordinary day. Nothing felt out of order just your ordinary day. It was my Mother-In-Law on the other end telling her oldest that her doctor had found lung cancer. To what extent we don't know yet. She finds out the results next week. I saw my husbands face drop and wet warm tears began swelling  his eyes. The one who holds you all those tiny years and nurtures you to be the man you are to be has lung cancer. I see him pray with her, I to hold his hand and bow low asking for our Daddy to bring her comfort and healing. I to ask for comfort for my husband for my Daddy to fold His arms around his heart. So we wait to hear the results in our Daddy's waiting room.
Three weeks later I get a phone call from my Father. My Mom has been in and out of the hospital for the last two weeks battling with her sodium and ammonia levels. She has a disease that is attacking her liver. Her own body is fighting against her liver. The doctor's had said she was not a good candidate for a transplant, they said with all her other health concerns she would not make it through the surgery itself. I listen quietly as my Father speaks of the news that will break my heart into. The doctor told him her liver was beginning to shut down and he was going to connect my Mom and Father with Hosparus. I just could not fathom the word Hosparus.

  It seemed as If my own ears were fighting against this word, they did not want to accept what they were hearing. I felt the sting of salt arise in my eyes and my face all warm as my heart rate rose. My Mom has began to pack her bags for home. Not wanting to accept her departure yet. There is still so much that I want for her that she wants for her. Her only goal is to make it to see her unborn granddaughter. I still have six weeks to go.

It doesn't look like she will make it. I have not talked with my Mom since she has been in the hospital. Her ammonia levels got to 88 and it messes with the brain and causes confusion and causes you to not understand what is going on around you. I have talked with my Father countless times throughout the week listening to updates from him and asking questions that only the doctor can answer. She came home two days ago and my heart finally accepted the word Hosparus. They had come early that morning to bring her hospital bed and set it up, they helped my Father rearrange the living room so her bed would be next to the window for her to look out of. My brother flew in to be there to help out. She had come home by way of ambulance  she has not been able to walk in many months. There is no muscle tone left in her legs. Her bones now to frail to hold her up. The night was a tough one. She had been up all night long she had begun to get confused again , which says her ammonia levels were on the rise once again. The next day brought more more turmoil for my Father. Hosparus arrived early to begin checking on her and to give her the care that she needed. They saw the confusion and immediately told my Father how important it was for them to go ahead and transport her to the facility so they could monitor her more closely. They took her by ambulance to the facility .
At this point she knew nothing of what was going on around her. She did not know my Father nor my brother. They got her settled in her new surroundings and gave her some medicine to help her sleep. The day had been tough on my Father not knowing if she would make it through the night. The medicine that prevents her ammonia levels from getting to high cannot be given to her because she is unable to understand even the simplest of directions like you need to swallow your medicine. The nurses there are afraid that she will asperate her meds. My Father went home that evening. My Brother stayed at the hosparus facility to be with Mom. Around 11:30 My Daddy did a miraculous thing for us. My Mom woke up! She had asked for my Father. My brother called my Father to tell him she was awake and alert. My Father got ready to go be with her. Both my sister and I called my brother's phone to speak with my mother. It sounded so good to hear her voice. I had began to think I would never be able to speak to her again. My eyes swelled with an overflow of tears. The tears kept coming and would not stop as I spoke with her. I had been given another chance to hear her voice to tell her I loved her and for her to be able to return those words back to me. I could finally get to sleep. What a gift! Daddy, I praise you for such a wonderful gift! We will be going there on Saturday to see her. Daddy, will you keep her life sustained so we can see her and talk with her again. Good and perfect gift longs to see his MawMaw before she takes her flight home. Daddy, I love you so much for what you have done for us. Give all of us an extra measure of your Holy Spirit to handle my Mom's passing. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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