A Letter To The Single Mom Today

The week is drawing to a close. I'm worn out. I have with His strength been able to carry on. He has given me an extra measure of strength that I can really supernaturally feel. My thoughts had been reeling deep within of all of you who do this longer than I have had to. You walk this journey 24/7 and the only way to get through it really is on your knees. My heart swelled with pain as I thought of you and compassion for you has overtaken me. Please forgive me for all the times that I have taken for granted my husband.

I want to apologize to you today single Mom. I'm sorry for all the times you have gone to the grocery store and had to carry your groceries into the house by yourself with your infant on your hip.


  I'm sorry for all the times you have to get your children up by yourself and get them ready for school with no one to help you stay calm while they rant and rave of not wanting to get up and go.

I'm sorry for all the people that walk right by you and don't even offer a hand to help you pick up the things you have dropped because you busy keeping the children safe.

I'm sorry you have to work long hours with very little pay to make ends meet. That you don't get to pick your children up from after school care until late in the evening.

I'm sorry that you have to come home and bathe all of them by yourself and make sure everyone has brushed their teeth.

I'm sorry that their is very little time for stories before bed because you.just.can'.t go. on. and all you want to do is fall into your own bed and sleep!

I'm sorry that your family does not understand your situation and you feel alienated by the world because all they can do is ridicule your every move.

Please forgive me for every time I have walked passed you and have not offered you a smile or a hand to help lighten the emotional strain.

I want you to know He has not forgotten you. He has engraved you on the palms of his hands many years ago when he stretched them out wide for you on the cross. He sees you and sees your singleness and has sent us to minister to you but we have failed you and not been obedient to him who sent us.
       Please forgive him and please forgive us for not being obedient when he asked us to pay for your groceries.  Please forgive us for all the times we did not call you or knock on your door with a meal to help lighten your load.
Please forgive us for all the times we did not offer to watch your children to give you a much needed break so you could get things done or take a long nap. Please forgive us for not inviting you to church with us so you could meet the one who sees your singleness and says" I know".

I have began praying for you single Mom, I have only experienced a few days of what you walk through daily but I'm asking for Him to send you not only help but obedient hearts that won't fail you. Hearts that would love to open their arms to you and I have started first with myself. I love you sinlge Mom and please know Christ does to and he sees and he knows.

With a heavy broken heart for you
~ Lori



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