....And Her Theme Was Victory!

She had talked about it being the theme for her life this year. She has experienced small ones as well as big ones. Who knew that this year would be the year that she would experience the final victory... of running the race well... and making it to the finish line. She had been diagnosed a year ago with lung cancer. She had never smoked a day in her life but then again cancer is no respecter of person's nor  their lungs for that matter. She had a wonderful ministry. She humbly admitted when she had fallen short. It's what made her such a woman of the word. She knew from which her help came from. There would be no more high school graduations that she would attend. No more college graduations. No weddings. She would never get to feel the ache of wanting to hold that long awaited for Grandbaby. He would never sleep beside her again. He would never bring her that first cup of morning coffee. No good morning kiss. His devotional time would be spent with the Father by himself. They were the couple that you thought you would see at 90 years old still sitting next to one another holding each other's hands. I heard Him tell of so many times how He often would tell her how crazy He was about "His Bride".My heart wrenches for this Groom and for their children. Her last year was fought and fought well. She praised and she worshipped no matter what the circumstances. She celebrated each victory even the small and insignificant ones. She knew her great big God was very able and capable of healing her body with just a word. She knew deep down inside that cancer was not the real battle. No, the real battle for her would be fear. Fear for her children, fear for her husband, fear of not being able to be there in the future for her family. The fear that comes from the liar who would try and lie to her and have her to believe that God was not good and that she was not loved. But she fought against those lies, She chose to believe the truth. To live out the truth.That
God is good and we are always loved.

 God. is .good. and. I. am .always .loved!
She has already gone home and I'm sure that she has yet to make it up off her knees in front of the one who gave her the ultimate healing and met her at the finish line.

Daddy, our infinite minds have such a hard time wrapping around situations like these. Where a loved one returns to you when we are not ready for them to leave. I pray that you would give this groom the strength to put one heavy foot in front of the other. Give him extra measures of your grace in the nightly hours when he slips into bed and she is not there to kiss good night. I pray that you would comfort in the days to come, especially the birthday's, anniversaries, the upcoming wedding, the high school graduations, and college graduations. Comfort in the future when the grandbabies begin to arrive and there is no grandmother there welcome them here. Jesus I ask that your will would be done in this family as it is in heaven. In Jesus name I pray amen.


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