Life Lesson From My Good And Perfect Gift

While our summer is winding down, I took my good and perfect gift for a funfilled afternoon at the pool.

He taught me so much as he went through this day. He had been doing swimming lessons for the very first time this year and I watched him as he began to get more and more brave. I could feel the cord that once attached us in the depths of my womb begin to get longer and longer. His one and only question he had was, "When do I get to go off the slide and the diving board?"

While  it was just fine for me to have  him begin with the beginner's class, all he wanted to do was jump ahead and go unpepared. Is this really a swimming class or is this a spiritual lesson for me? How often Have I gone ahead without God and was not prepared for the task at hand. Each task that God has for us takes training, patience, and a wilingness to wait for His Holy and perfect timing. Had my good and perfect gift gone and done either of these two things the first day, he would have drowned! The instructors worked with him all summer. At the end of the swim classes for the year he was ready!
His instructor kept putting him in the rushing water at the bottom of the slide to see if he could recover by himself with a jacket on. She would put him in there and then catch him. God is so much like this! He puts us in rushing waters and stays right there with us, if we begin to flounder he quickly pulls us up to keep us from sinking to the bottom.
The day came and he finally could recover and swim to the side and climb out using the ladder. He was so excited. He went as fast as he could up the stairs to this slide. You must know my heart was pounding so loud I just knew someone could hear.

That slide was so big and he was so small. How could he ever go down this thing and  be alright?
He could and he could do it well because of the training he received from his wonderful lifeguards. As he began descending down the slide, I heard shouts coming out of his mouth sqeals of delight and fun! (Thank you so much Jesus for keeping him safe)!
Breathe Mom!
Aaah relief!
He wanted to keep doing it but it was time to go. Every child had gotten their chance and now it was time to say good bye to swimming lessons. We came back many times so he could continue building onto what he had learned.

While our second to last trip at the pool was more than fun. God was not done teaching me something else while he was swimming. We had found out that because he was doing so well my good and perfect gift would be able to go off the diving board! Again my heart began to pound, But I had to remember the training that he had the practice that he had under his belt at his Aunt's pool. He was ready as he stood at the diving board with his toes at the very edge,

He mouthed words that really struck me. " I'm so nervous, I don't know what's going to happen." I knew he was having second thoughts as he stopped and looked. It made me think of Peter in the bible how he took his eyes off of his Master and began to sink when Jesus took his hand and pulled him out of the boat and onto the water with him.

He mustered up his courage, he looked my way. I gave him that It's o.k. look , you will do great! He looked back at the water and then jumped and made a fantastic splash in the water! He came up and was more than proud of himself and being the cheerleader that I am for him ,I'm making the whole pool take  notice of him by clapping and cheering him on to another go! How often we falter in our faith when we too take our eyes off of our wonderful Master and look on the circumstances that surround us  and voice the same words my good and perfect gift said at the end of the diving board. It's true we don't know what is going to happen but we can know that as long as our eyes are on our Master, we will not sink! As Ann Voskamp says," God is always good and I am always loved.

Father, I too have been like my good and perfect gift, allowing anxiety and fear over take me because of my circumstances that surround me. Would you forgive me for my faltering faith? Would you help me to completely trust you and just jump in. It is in the mighty, and Holy,Holy,Holy name of Jesus I pray , Amen!

Counting more of the One Thousand Gifts

#513. Having the great privilege of Jesus living inside of me, so I can command my enemy to flee from me and my home.
#514.Viewing Ann's journal entry on Guatemala, My heart is so broken for those people, why I don't know, I sometimes think they are much richer in Jesus!
#515.making muffin's with my good and perfect gift.
#516. Eating muffins with my good and perfect gift.
#517. The lingering bear hug after we devoured these muffins and decided we needed to save some for sweet hubby! I know I will miss these one day, I can't get enough of them.


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