Obedience That Calls You To Be Radical

A few Sunday's ago, While I was worshipping Him with both arms raised high, He prompted me to stand in my chair and continue to worship Him from my chair!      

         I tried to explain to Him that this was not something that normally happens in our time of worship. I tried to explain how Security might escort me out! I told him that maybe next time I would stand in my chair for him, thinking He would let it go and let me out of doing this. I was more than wrong in this way of thinking. Does God ever let us out of anything? Does he ever let us get away with thinking he will not accomplish His divine plan in each of us?
      The answer is no! He will still accomplish His purpose and divine plan to continue to shape us and mold us into the perfect image of His beautiful Son.
This past Sunday was Baptism Sunday. This service is an energetic time of worship. They open the Baptistry up for the entire service and our pastor teaches just a bit about the important act of obedience that Jesus asks His followers to do. Be Baptized in the name of Christ. They provide special T-shirts for people who are baptized on this day. The T-shirts read: Forgiven, Free, Delivered, Redeemed,. You may choose which one suits the way you feel about your decision to be a follower of Christ.
      We had image bearer after image bearer moving quickly to be baptized almost as if they were wanting to run to the baptistry! I was in awe to see God moving in the hearts of so many of His created ones, to get  up make a decision to be a follower of Him  and be baptized in His Holy and wonderful name!


  Little did I know that God was going to call me to an act of obedience of my own. He wispered to me gently. "Will you worship Me from your chair?" The tug came to my hearts door. Palms began to sweat, hearbeat has picked up considerably. The pressure of this moment is mounting deep within. This time I was not about to argue my point. I did not think about it, for if I did, I would not have done it. My spirit said, "Yes!" I climbed up in my chair and lifted my hands high in the air. I  cheered  and clapped for every new life that was coming up out of the watery grave.


 I had never felt more free in my life! I could also feel alot of eyes on me but I did not care. My Sweet hubby even turned and looked at me several times but I dared not meet his eyes, for I knew he would try to encourage me down. I did not want to be a Peter at this moment and take my eyes off my Lord, I knew if I did I would sink fast back off my chair and onto the floor. I so wanted nothing more than to please my Father and obey Him and this beautiful second chance he had given me to worship Him from atop my chair. I kept my eyes heavenward and worshiped him with all that I am. How grateful I am that he gave me a second chance to be obedient.
    Was this a test? If it was I passed it this time with flying colors! Security never came to escort me down and out of the building. Obedience is Freedom, Obedience is beautiful, Obedience is what pleases His heart most.
Will you move yourself out of the way and be obedient to Him today?

Oh Father, How your heart must have  been pleased with so many of your created image bearers this past weekend as we celebrated with you and all your heavenly hosts the many decisions that were made to be obedient to your call. Thank you for second chances. Thank you Holy Spirit for helping me to be obedient. I praise you Lord Most High! In Jesus name Amen.

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