Weather Report; Grey With A Chance Of Bumpy Clouds

we had started on our daily journey and as we were traveling down the road, my good and perfect gift says to me, "Mommy, the clouds look all bumpy."

I just love this about my good and perfect gift. God uses him so many times a day to cause me to stop in my busyness and reflect on the beauty that the Creator has for me to see. I agree with him from the front seat of my vehicle. This reflecting moment was not finished. God had more gifts for me this morning, gifts that I would need to later add to my gift list, to thank him for.

       My good and perfect gift had began saying how he was so glad that God had created him to be the very special little one that he is. He was so happy to be a part of our wonderful family. He was glad that God created him to be in our world!

     What a tearful moment this was for me! If he had seen the multitude of salty drops coming from my eyes this moment might have faded quickly. I'm so thankful I was driving so these tears could not be seen by little, bright , full of God's wonder eyes.  I encouraged him on as we continued on our journey and confirmed to him just how special he is and "Oh what a wonderful plan God must have for him. We talked about Where his feet of Faith might travel to. How his hands of Jesus might serve someone for The Heavenly Father's Kingdom.

I could barely see through the stinging salt to see where I was going at this point. Constantly wiping away the water. How good and perfect God is to give me such a good and perfect gift, Me, the pit dweller. The one who only a year ago could not climb her way out of the mud and mire that would keep me in bondage.

When I thought this was all there was to see for such a long time. Ashes. Dirty, filthy, ashes that covers and makes all black.
I began to realize that these were not just ordinary ashes. These were the Refiner's ashes from refining me! How beautiful these ashes became to me. These were ashes that brought the beauty of this all holy moment with my good and perfect gift. I am so thankful for these refining ashes. I will no longer look on those ashes with disdain in my heart.  I would have never belived that a moment so precious, so beautiful could have came from these refining ashes. The Refiner really does raise up the beauty from the ashes. He shows us just how beautiful he really is.

Oh Mighty Yaweh, You are so beautiful, so majestic, more than my fleshly eyes can take in. Thank you for this moment this morning. Thank you for your refining ashes and the beauty that YOU raise up out of them. I love you Daddy. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Counting more of my 1,000 gifts:

699. Seeing old friends
700. Good and perfect gift's wonderful day at bible study
701. Bumpy Clouds
702.The Refiner's Ugly Beautiful Ashes
703. The beauty that rises out of the refiner's ugly beautiful ashes

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