When God Calls You To Speak On Behalf Of Him

It was Easter Sunday when we had been invited to spend the day at my sisters home. There has always been much tention between the two of us since my birth. She being adopted when she was 3 days old into our family. She is firstborn in the dynamic of this family. I have never really seen her as being adopted because she has always been there since the day God placed me second in line. She has always allowed a wall between herself and the rest of the family. Oh The emotional baggage she must carry around with her daily. The weight of it all must be so hard to carry.


We were sitting outside around her beautifully constructed hand made Octgon shaped picnic table, that my brother-in-Law had built and was so proud of. This picture below is not the one but the one he built looks just like it. It was so nice to sit around the table looking and talking with each person about their week and what had taken place. My niece had bought an Easter Egg coloring kit. She wanted to color color and hide Easter eggs with my good and perfect gift


 I had prepared my sister before the visit. We have never celebrated the Easter Bunny, nor Santa, or any other made up character that goes with childhood. We felt like we would be lying to our son about these entities. We have told him the truth about St. Nicholoas and where he came from and what he did while he was alive in this earth. How he became a believer in the One True God and took it upon himself to show Christ's love the same love that Christ showed him, he wanted to freely give to others! This is another reason


there is a wall between us. Her family of three does not have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. They are desperately lost! I want nothing more than to see this made in the image of trio come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, Creator, giver of Grace! I must keep praying for them daily.

 I heard his still small voice come to me and say " You must tell them about me." As I looked around this lovely octogon at the lost faces, I began to ponder on how to begin this conversation. It's Easter so it should  not be hard. Our pastor had just preached about all the calamaties that had been happening. The Japanese Tsunami, and many other eartquakes like the one in  Haiti.



 These are all the birth pangs of creation calling for it's Creator to come quickly! So I began with the question " Have you all ever thought about Eternity? Do you know what will happen to you once you die?  I was not prepared for what happened next. I stirred up something in this Husband and Wife that came out with lashes of the tongue!  "We are not going to talk about this today". This came out with a very stern look to the face and eyes that would not meet mine. Heads that turned away almost as if shamed.  How badly I wanted to keep talking. I tried to continue, "I want you to know how much Jesus loves you! "  he was sent for you! For you! We will never get there on our own. We can never be good enough. It taks the covering of his blood to wash away sins, past present future. " I said, " We are not going to talk about this today! My niece's head begins to swirl. She has never heard us talking like this. My Brother- In Law chimes in. " I think you both should be quiet!"  What just happened here? What happened to "I want you to tell them about me?" My Sweet hubby stands with me and pipes in, " We are just concerned about you and we want more than anything to be with you in Heaven!" The conversation ends. His Holy Spirit had stopped the nudging. I knew it was time to let this conversation come to and end for now. I had peace knowing I was obedient to the call. He brought to my mind the inspired words from Isaiah 55:11 So is my word that goes out from my mouth, it will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

They still have not accepted Jesus. But I will continue to pray daily for them and will continue to be faithful to his call when he gently nudges me.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for my family. The lost and the saved. I thank you for the opportunity to speak on your behalf. Will you bring this image made trio into your family? Will you save each one of them? Will you bring more people into their lives that will share your good news with them. Will you continue to  water the seeds that you planted through me? It is in the mighty, and beautiful, covenant keeping name Jesus I pray Amen!


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