No Happy Plastic people Here! The Sacrifice Of Your Secret Places

e gather together the 5 of us at a very tasty place to eat. We bow and give thanks for husbands watching children, bringing us together in unity for fellowship with one another and for our meal. This our first time together outside of our  family small group. The thing that happened next was just the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced among women. Each one of them uncovered and shared humbly the broken pieces of their lives. I thought I was the only one who did this. Me I wear my feelings outward, not turned inward. I have learned over the years in my walk with Christ that in order to heal and to sharpen another, one must be willing to open themselves up to others. I just did not know that there were other women who felt the same way. I have been in groups with other women and within each group there was this common thread. Each of them wore this "Happy plastic face" .

A face that untruthfully says I'm o.k. and I don't want to let you in my life in my stuff. Really? I can't even begin to tell you how free I felt knowing I could share my broken places too! I too am a clay pot that has been broken and has been molded back together with the Masters hands.
A clay pot that you can see the light of Christ through. A clay pot who is not afraid to show her cracks and brokeness to the world. There is a reason we are to show our brokeness to the world. This temporal place is so full of hurting people and they need to know that someone else has been broken to! Maybe even broekn in the same way. Maybe you are the broken one. Maybe you have lost someone dear to you(Crack!). Maybe, your husband walked out on you(Crack!). Maybe the Dr. shook his head and told you that there was nothing to be be done that the cancer they found is inoperable.(Crack!) Maybe you have miscarried for the second time.(Crack!)Maybe you have lost your child in death or a car accident(Crack!) Maybe you are addicted to drugs and alcohol or pornography.(Crack!)  Maybe someone abused you sexually. (Crack!)Do you know that there is no crack or brokeness that Christ cannot heal? Why do you continue to put on your" I'm alright smile?" Why do you persist in keeping others out when you need deep healing, prayer, and a friend that will listen. do you not know how much Christ longs to gather you to himself and heal all your brokeness? How he longs to hide you in himself and show you his unconditional love.      

I want to challenge you today dear friend. Take of your mask, your happy plastic mask and allow Jesus to befriend you today and heal your brokeness, and then don't be afraid to allow him to shine his light through all the cracks in your clay pot.

     Jesus knows exactly what it is like to be broken. He was denied by his own brothers. He was ridiculed, and rejected by his peers. He was sold by a close friend for 30 pieces of silver. All of the disciples left him at the cross with the exception of John,Mary Magdalene  and his Mother. He was spit on, he was flogged and mocked. He was crucified on a cross with spikes driven through his hands and feet. A Crown of thorns was jabbed down into his scalp. And if that is not enough. A spear was driven through his side after his death. All of this hurt him physicallly but Jesus also knows emotional pain as well. Deep pain. He had to feel the sin of the entire world on his soul. He also experienced separation from his Father while he had the sin of the world on him. 
his Father could not look upon his son. Jesus had never been separated from his Father before. He enjoyed sweet communion since he was born. This was the first and last time he would know separation from his father. 
Yes, Jesus knows brokeness and he is the only one who can heal you completely. 
Oh How I pray dear one that you would bow your heart to him today in humility and ask for the healer to come and heal all your brokeness.    
Father, you have healed my broken areas in my life, my anger, my marriage, my parenting, my innocence that was taken from me at a very young age. You have healed me from my parents divorce, You have rescued me from the pit! I'm so thankful for all the healing you have brought in my life. May you use this post to heal someone else who is in need of your healing touch! How I love you Lord Jesus! 


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