A Mother's love loss

learn about a Mother who has lot her son. The son she lovingly carried in her womb feeling every little kick. Anticipating the day of his coming, his birth. The joy she must have felt to hold him for the first time and give him that long awaited name, whispering I love you into his ears for the first time. How many times must she have snuggled him close as a tiny babe, stroking his tiny head and breathing in his heavenly scent. How many times must she have felt his warm breath on her cheek. How many times must she have gotten up with him at night, soothing his cries with her arms and sweet kisses. I must think how often she held him tight, wiping away tears, kissing small booboos away. I think about all the times she encouraged him to keep going to never give up! I imagine he must have shared with her the many dreams he had for his life as a young child. I imagine she must have had many dreams for him that he would one day become a man after God's own heart, leading other's in the same direction. I imagine she must have dreampt of what his wife would have been like and caring for his children, her grandchildren. I imagine that this is not what she thought his future nor her future would turn out to be like. I see her after service. Her eyes all red and swollen from hanging onto every word that the precher has spoken. The only words I can whisper are I'm sorry. I hug her long and tight not wanting to let go. Her eyes stream again. How her heart must be so broken over losing her oldest babe. Never more to be hugged. Never more to hear his voice.Never more to visit with him and to encourage him to keep going in this tough life. Never more to feel his love at least on this side of heaven. Her daughter is very quiet and does not say much. I too give her a hug and kiss and tell her I am praying for her daily. How her heart must ache for her brother. How she must miss him playing with her. How she must have so many questions for God, all coming in the form of why? I can't fix this or the hurt this family is walking through. Jesus said, "in this life you will have many trials, but take heart, I have overcome the world.

Jesus, there are no words I can say to make this heart better. You are the healer of the broken heart. You created this heart to be broken so you could come along and show this heart how you can mend it. I pray for this family today Lord, that you would give them an extra measure of your resurrection power to go through the rest of this life without their son. I pray Lord for you to blanket them with your grace. Lift them up and hold them tight. Carry them through each day. It's in your sweet and holy precious name I pray, Amen.

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