A Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

s I look back on my childhood Mom, I will never forget how you sacrificed for the 3 of us. I saw the many times you went without sleep to be with us through the night when we were sick. I saw the next morning how you pulled yourself out of bed to get the day going, when you had very little energy to do so. I saw how you sacrificed your sanity to raise your own good and perfect gift with AD/HD. Most days not knowing how to handle an unmedicated over the top high-strung boy. You saw to it that Jesus was always given glory too. I saw how you sacrificed your talents for the kingdom to minister to a bunch of children that noone else was willing to take charge of. I saw how you sacrificed the things you needed for the things we needed not wanted. You did without most times to make sure our physical needs were met. I saw the many times you would hide your face so we could not see the tears brimming down your face, because the day had just been to much and you were exhausted. I saw the many times you stood upto the man who left you for another so that our voices would be heard. I saw the many times you helped your husband out on the farm, so that his load would be a bit lighter. I saw the worry on your face when it was time for us to begin new lives with our own spouses. How you must have prayed many a night for our safety and for God to continue to be in the forefront of our homes as well. I remember my great rebellion how I hurt you how I would not listen or accept discipline. I remember how many times you must have prayed for God to just intervene in my heart and change my heart. I remember my beautiful homecoming. The homecoming of a prodigal daughter who was in great need of a Savior because she could never save herself. How sweet it was to hug your neck never wanting to let go. How you loved me even still as if you don't even remember even a moment of that time.  No matter how old I get too be you still worry and pray for my traveling safety when I come to visit and I'm by myself.  You are such a wonderful Mother. I watch you now beginning to deterioriate from the liver disease and the Multiple Sclerosis. I only pray that the doctor's had not medicated you so much as to destroy you from the inside out. You were once so strong and now you are the one who is in need of being cared for. Nomatter what I still see that God is not done with you. He still uses you right from your chair to minister to the lost. The day that he calls you home will be a sad one for me but oh How you will rejoice with being able to walk again and have no more infirmities to hold you from wanting to move again. I love you so much Mom. I will never forget all that you sacrificed for me to be who I am today. I love you Mom!

Your Daughter in Christ~

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