For the days you want to have your own meltdown

It lasted for almost an hour. His meltdowns sometimes can seem to last and last. He gets so worked up over the very smallest of things. This one was over a sticker that he had removed and wanted to place elsewhere on his Hot Wheels Mini City.
Stikers are good for sticking but not removing to another place. I heard it begin and I decided to remove myself and read Ann's Blog for some encouragement and spiritual nourishment. I have found that sometimes if I just give him the space he needs to vent, he will calm down much quicker than if I were to stay and try and talk him down. When he goes past the point of no return there really is no reasoning with him.

I sat uptairs reading, good and perfect gift had been into this tantrum for about 15 mins. He came upstairs where I was, still melting heavily. He says to me through red faced, tears streaming and brimming. With his most angry voice. "I don't like myself!" ,"I tore up my toy and I don't like myself!" Me trying not to get pulled into this meltdown. I could offer advice, or some resolution but As I look into these little eyes I see he only wants me. It's my touch he longs for. It's my comfort he desires more than anything. I keep quiet and ask if he wants to sit and listed to David Nevue's comforting music with me. He has always loved this music from the moment I found Ann's blog. I too have loved it.. That is why I have it on my blog too! It is so soothing to my soul.
   I pick him up in my lap and cradle him as I remember cradling him as an infant. He begins to listen. His cryings begin to soften. I rock him in my lap, holding him close and tight, not saying a word. He sits like this for the next 45 mins. I enjoy every bit of this and I too am undone in my spirit,when He speaks so tenderly and softly into me. How often it is that I too need to be cradleded in my Father's arms and just melt. How often he allows me the opportunity to come to Him and climb into His bosom for comfort and solace. He does not offer advice, He provides a place where I too can be quietened and He too sings His beautiful melodies over me. The Holy Spirit gently quietens me with His love.

I too long just to be with Him. Just to be in His prescence and be loved by Him. These days I too want to have my own meltdowns over some of the areas in my life because they are what I want them to be. However He equips me with everything I need for the challenge ahead. He gives me the strength I need to make it through the tough areas. Even when I feel like melting I am strengthened because of His unending, love for me. How He gives and lavishes His unconditional love on another is a love that only He can give. how I praise Him for His unending, never stopping,never giving up, always and forever, love!

Daddy, Thank you for all the times you have gathered me into your bosom and have allowed me to have my own meltdown. Thank you for amking this such a teachable moment for me and for giving me the eyes to see and the ears to hear you. Thank you for keeping me calm through his meltdown. I love you Daddy! I praise you for you are good all the time!

Your Daughter~

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