The First Anniversary

It has been a year since we said " We would see you later"  So much has happened since you left this place and took your flight home.

 Good and perfect gift has grown so much and has often mentioned how he misses you. Our joy girl has grown to and is doing so many new things daily. You will just love her Mom! Her sweet baby smiles and sounds bring an added measure of  happiness to our days. We had her dedicated at church back in June. Dad is doing well. He actually flew for the first time! Do you believe that Mom! He said he would never fly. He talks often of you and has said along with me how much he would have loved if you would have been here to see our little joy girl.
Your granddaughter got her license! She had to take the driver's test twice and was so disappointed. The following week she took it again and passed. She is becoming a most beautiful young lady.
Your daughter is doing great since her

heart attack.  You would be so proud of her mom. She is watching what she is eating. She has never touched another cigarette. She is going to the gym and working out!
Your son-in-law's mother has lung cancer and which has spread to her brain and is now stage 4. It is such a tough thing to walk through. We are just unsure of her salvation Mom. We knew where you were going and that we would see you again. We just don't have that same assurance with her. I know he is so sad about loosing her this way. He doesn't say a lot. He never has been one to share what is on his mind and in his heart that often.


We are in the process of building a new home! Can you believe it? There are so many mixed feelings with good and perfect gift and myself. We have lived here so long and it is going to be hard to uproot our family and move. But there is also excitement to! It is a new chapter in our family book. Our builder is doing a great job of keeping us on our budget.

Your son is finally getting married! I know he had asked Dad to pick out a picture of you for their wedding. I'm not sure what they plan on doing with it. He doesn't converse with me as you remember.  He has really struggled with you being gone. You remember why though. 

We all really miss you Mom, I'm planning on going to visit Dad on your anniversary so Dad won't be alone that day. He has done a great job of picking out the flowers for your grave. Your daughter has made some  pretty bunches too! I get teary eyed often as I miss you. My heart breaks wide open as I often entertain the thought of what you are doing in Heaven. Who you are talking to or visiting with. How awesome it must be to Worship our great God in person.

I love you Mom and miss you more than you could know.
    Your loving Daughter,


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