Who Knew Metamorphu Would Bring So Much Pain?

It came like a bomb exploding right into her face. Words that would set her reeling. A tone that she would imprint on her heart forever. All sorts of moments afterward questioning "What had she done so wrong?" "What had she said so wrong?" She had traveled to visit with him and all seemed the same. She had many chances to ask the questions that she was naturally curious about. Things like " How long have you been dating?", "What is she like?", "Where did you meet her?". Never knowing that all the while with each question her Father felt as if he was under some kind of federal investigation. Sunday had come and her family packed up all their belongings to travel the long road home. She would receive more news in the day ahead. They had set their wedding date. It was a more serious relationship than what she had been led to believe. There was so much secrecy surrounding this whole relationship. I guess her curiosity got the best of her. She had told him dinner was getting cold and it was. She had cried her way through each bite and every sip. Her heart feeling as if it might explode and all she wanted to do was implode. But her God met her there and gently spoke to her putting his firm but gentle hand on her mouth keeping her from lashing back with words that would only drive a wedge deep in heart flesh. A wedge that could last years. She did not want that conversation to end in that manner. She heaved and shoulders wracked hard through story time and she fell asleep worn out from the emotional wave that crashed hard on her already tired body.
      If butterflies could speak would they talk of pain in the metamorphu process?
Would they speak of how their bodies must go through a hard physical process to be made so beautiful?
If an infant could speak to us moments after they are born would they tell us of how their body has been wrapped up tight  and being birthed was far more than what they bargained for? Would they speak of how each push only caused more pain and how their head felt as if it would just squeeze right off their shoulders.
Each Mother's story is different but if you know anything about birthing you would know that pain comes before any beauty does. How can someone we love so much cause us such great pain?
She feels wrapped up tight swaddled if you will in her heavenly Father's arms. She is choosing joy and no fear. She does not even want the enemy to get a foothold on her or her relationship with her Dad. Even though she has not been invited she will choose joy , she will choose to live eucharisteo and breathe YAWEH. After the day is done and all is said, She knows because what a heart knows it knows by heart. Eucharisteo precedes the miracle.
Would love to hear from you today to if you are choosing eucharisteo, if you are choosing no fear. Would you pull up your big comfy chair and your coffee cup? Would you be willing to share your hard story today too? I am ready to listen!
Continuing  to count His  gifts during the process of Metamorphu
5,995. Safe travels
5,996. Being able to stay home during artic weather days
5,997. Being able to blog my stories while "joy girl" naps.
5,998. Letting the sun go down on my anger. * Hard Eucharisteo.
5,999. one who tries to sweep arguments under the rug. * Hard Eucharisteo.
*6,000. Looking to the only one who can rescue and redeem.
6,001. For giving a sister in Christ who battles with cancer the strength to walk from the bed to the bathroom.
6,002. Finding out your Dad is dating and getting married in one week and the crazy emotional head spin that comes with it.
6,002. Him wanting to keep the whole thing under wraps.
6,003. The terrible argument that ensued days later. Super hard Eucharisteo.
6,004. The Holy Spirit's hand on my mouth giving me the power not to lash back with hurtful words.
6,005. God there with me through every wave of yelling, Him holding me up on His wings.
6,006. Choosing to fly rather to be chained.
6,007. Not an orphan but a daughter of the KING!
6,008. Being lavishly loved by my Abba!
6,009.Him hearing me when I cry out to Him.
6,010. Not fearing the one who can cut me down emotionally.
6,011. Him seeing and hearing everything.


  1. I have the coffee, tea or hot coco waiting on you friend.


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